Everyone, young and old, male and female can benefit from this heart wrenching account of sexual assault in America

From the first line of Know My Name by Chanel Miller, I was punched in the gut. Her words hit deep inside, tugging at my soul, tearing at emotions and memories that have been hiding beneath the surface.

This is not simply an account of sexual assault or a cautionary tale. Know My Name is a glimpse into the core of trauma, the emotional journey of a survivor, and the horribly disappointing role of the criminal justice system. …

Calories, macros, body weight? Track this instead.

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When attempting to lose weight, there are so many numbers that people keep track of. Calories, macros, body weight, body composition, the list goes on and on. But the truth is that many of these metrics turn weight loss into a more stressful experience, and can sometimes even cause backslides in progress.

There is one thing that is extremely important to track on your weight loss journey, but it’s not necessarily a number.

And that is progress.

I’m not talking progress as in pounds, body fat or inches lost (although that is all wonderful too), I’m talking about progress that…

The relationship you have with yourself will define the relationship your daughter has with her own body.

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We do it all the time. We look in the mirror and pick apart what we don’t like about our bodies. We see fat on our bellies, cellulite on our thighs, or the changes in our skin that inevitably happen with age. We talk about being “bad” after eating an overindulgent meal, we loudly proclaim that extra exercise is on the docket or a week of salads is in order.

But just for a second, lets disregard the fact that all of this is bad for your own mental health and relationship with your own body. Have you ever stopped…

Grieving the loss of a pregnancy is lonely, especially when the pregnancy lasted only a few days.

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I had a positive pregnancy test, and then another.

I bought my husband a little book about big sisters, and let our 2 year old bring it to him to read; this was how I told him that we were pregnant again.

5 days later, I started bleeding.

There is still a chance I said to myself. I went in for blood testing, and two days later received a call with my results. The blood test showed “no pregnancy” a pragmatic nurse told me over the phone. And that was it. …

Fat loss aside, there is an even more important benefit to this popular diet regimen.

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“I could never do that. I have to eat every few hours or I die.”

This phrase, or something like it, is what I said the first time I ever learned about Intermittent Fasting (IF). This was long ago, before it was the latest fad in the diet and health world. At that time, I truly couldn’t understand why anyone would choose to torture themselves like this.

Despite my skepticism, I had decided to run a series of experimental diets and report about my experiences and results on my personal blog. …

Pandemic aside, moms are tired. And we need to stop making them feel guilty about it.

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Lets face it: moms right now are more tired than ever.

The world is in upheaval, we are smack in the middle of a crippling pandemic, children are in and out of school with little predictability, we are vastly separated from what villages we had, and we are struggling.

Yet still, the cliché phrases of motherhood are thrown at us from every direction.

“The days are long but the years are short.”

“Enjoy every moment.”

While the former seems to be very much true, it’s often the implication that because time will fly by, it’s not ok to harbor any…

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Although this year we won’t be gathering for holiday parties (well, the sensible among us anyway), it goes without saying that there will still be plenty of cookies, chocolates, pies and other goodies to fill our bellies during this notoriously indulgent time.

But on the other side of all of these holiday goodies lies a significant stressor for many people: how do you keep your fitness and nutrition routine intact when all of these goodies are taunting you at every turn?

The answer is that there really is only one secret to remaining on track.

And that is to get…

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I’ve seen a lot of posts floating around on social media lately that are all a bit different, but all share the same sentiment: we should all respect each other, and shouldn’t let political differences get between us.

In normal times, I’m all about this. In normal times, I try not to let party lines define friendships or set boundaries on relationships.

But these are not normal times.

Late in the night on November 8, 2016 I sat in the dark, nursing my one month old baby, my tears falling onto her. I had an overwhelming sense of dread, a…

Peloton is currently the biggest trend in fitness. It’s the new CrossFit with the obsessive and cultish followers (of which I am one). It’s a pretty amazing community and if you don’t know who Cody or Alex or Tunde are, well, you’ve been living under a rock.

I’ll fully admit that I’m a follower and I’m in this thing. I love it and it’s changed my entire fitness routine — from all weight lifting all the time, to about a 3:1 split between spinning and lifting. It’s a shift I never thought would happen. As someone who has spent the…

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You can love and appreciate your loved one who is a cop, but still acknowledge that systemic racism and police brutality are problems that deserve attention. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Except when they are, unfortunately.

It is unbelievable to me that this type of statement still needs to be said, but somehow it seems that it does.

Just because you are related to or love a police officer, you should not be empirically blind to the major flaws in the criminal justice system. You should still be able to acknowledge the fact that police brutality is a very…

Stephanie Dorsay Rondeau

Stephanie is a mom and health professional based in Boston, MA who writes as a means of sanity and mental clarity.

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